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What Happens When We Die?


The Life After Life team would like to share these gifts with you, in hopes you will take the lessons you learn from the film with you, into your daily lives.

reflections of heaven ebook

A Millennial Odyssey of Miracles, Angels & Afterlife

By Peter Shockey

Receive a free PDF copy of 'Part 3 - AFTERLIFE' from Peter Shockey's book REFLECTIONS OF HEAVEN. The author & filmmaker initially explored the near-death phenomenon in his documentary film Life After Life. From there he produced the TV series Angel Stories for Discovery's TLC, and went on to make the TLC documentary series Miracles Are Real. While investigating these modern-day stories of deathbed visions, angels and miracles, Shockey began noticing compelling parallels between the contemporary stories he was documenting and the stories of miracles, angels, and 'eternal-afterlife' that exploded at the time of Christ's arrival in the first-century. This was the millennial epiphany behind this book, which shows the links between contemporary stories and the spiritual phenomena that appears in biblical history.

CLICK HERE for free PDF book of REFLECTIONS OF HEAVEN: Part 3 - Afterlife

miracles, angels & afterlife

Soundtrack selections
2 Free cuts from the Official Soundtrack Album
Musical score by Ron Kristy

Download these beautiful instrumental tracks to your computer or anywhere you want to enjoy the peaceful creations of Ron Kristy, the film-music composer who lovingly scored LIFE AFTER LIFE.

Ron was going through a healing crisis in his own life when presented with the opportunity to underscore the amazing stories contained in the movie LIFE AFTER LIFE. His own emotionally transformational journey was cathartically captured in the lovely and serene musical textures found throughout the film. Join countless listeners who have discovered the peaceful and meditative effects of being immersed in this music. A growing number of massage therapists and other healing practitioners have found they can convey the enlightened sensitivity imbedded in the music while doing their work, thus continuing the inspirational message of the ripple-effect presented in LIFE AFTER LIFE.

Enjoy this small sample of the full hour of music contained in official LIFE AFTER LIFE Soundtrack Album, which can be found in the store of this website.

Free Mp3 of track: HOMECOMING
Free Mp3 of track: LITTLE BROTHER

life after life soundtrack

Miracles, Angels & Afterlife
Excerpts from the TV Series produced for Faith & Values Media
Written, produced and directed by Peter Shockey

View these specially selected excerpts from MIRACLES, ANGELS & AFTERLIFE, the TV series originally produced for the Odyssey Channel, and later appearing on the Hallmark Channel and TBN. This special TV series was produced to help shed light on much of the modern day spiritual phenomena we hear and read about. These real life spiritual experiences often raise questions and occasionally eyebrows from traditional religious scholars as well as from truth seekers everywhere. This even handed investigative series seeks to find the common truth behind experiences that seem to transcend cultural and religious boundaries.