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What Happens When We Die?


Stories of Dying

Out of Body

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The LIFE AFTER LIFE film, view FREE Online
Produced & Directed by Peter Shockey

Now you can view all twelve chapters of the Life After Life film, free online. Life After Life reveals amazing clues to life’s greatest mysteries. This NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL Award Winning film tells the worldwide story of Life beyond Death. Life After Life delivers a message of hope that encourages and inspires all who watch it to LOVE and to LIVE without fear! The producers wish everyone in the world to be able to see this film, and money shouldn’t be a barrier because this information can change the way the world looks at life & any fear of death. All twelve chapters may be sent to friends freely by e-mail. For those who wish to purchase a DVD for their family library, and to view with friends, click here.

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